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Graham Norton on ‘self-loathing’ gay people who hate on camp men: ‘It’s heartbreaking’

Graham Norton on ‘self-loathing’ gay people who hate on camp men: ‘It’s heartbreaking’

Graham Norton is not keen on gay people who judge their effeminate peers

TV presenter Graham Norton has spoken out against gay people who judge camp gay men, calling it ‘a weird self-loathing,’ adding: ‘All that kind of stuff is just heartbreaking.’

Discussing the phenomenon in a new interview with Winq magazine, Graham explained: ‘[But] I think things are changing. As gays and straights mix together more and the world becomes much more homogenised, we’re going to become less defined by our sexuality. Will camp still be a thing? I don’t know.’

He continued: ‘I was just an effeminate little boy who turned into an effeminate man. And I think you still see little boys now and think, “Aw, he’s so going to be gay!” And that’s something that just seems to appear in nature, it just seems to happen. I think it’s weird that there is a section of the gay community that then judges those little boys. All that kind of stuff is just heartbreaking.”

Graham – who appears on the cover of the magazine’s December/January issue – also talks about his love of Ireland and his relationship with alcohol in the interview.

On drinking, he explained: ‘Well, the way people talked about alcohol at AA was as though they were talking about the love of their life that went wrong. That, somehow, they couldn’t make this relationship with the love of their life work. But while I recognise that feeling of love being like madness, and I could be wrong and totally deluded here, I feel like I’m still in charge.’