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Grandmother gives the sweetest surprise to trans grandkid on Christmas

Grandmother gives the sweetest surprise to trans grandkid on Christmas

New and improved Raggedy Ann from Gabe's grandmother

A Twitter user shared one of the sweetest and most thoughtful gifts they received on Christmas this year.

@snepblep, who identifies as transgender and uses the pronouns he or they, explained in the tweet about their Raggedy Ann doll given to them by their grandmother.

The <?>doll had their birth name embroidered in a heart on its chest.

This year, grandma decided to borrow Raggedy Ann. When she gave it back, Raggedy Ann had shorter hair, pants, and @snepblep’s new name, Gabe, sewn in place.

‘He’s trans, like me,’ Gabe wrote.

Tweet showing off the new Raggedy Ann
Tweet showing off the new Raggedy Ann | Photo: Twitter @Snepblep

As seen in the photo, the embroidered heart reads: ‘I love Gabe.’

In a follow-up tweet, Gabe revealed their grandmother gave them other name engraved gifts. One is a pocketknife and the other is a t-shirt.

Tweet showing other gifts Gabe has received
Other gifts Gabe has received | Photo: Twitter @Snepblep

The t-shirt reads: ‘I’m Gabe doing Gabe things.’

Hundreds of other users on the platform replied, describing the gift and gesture as ‘sweet’ and ‘good’. Plenty also praised Gabe’s grandmother for being so accepting and embracing her grandkid’s true self.

One user pointed out this grandmother is proof people from other generations can be open-minded too.

Earlier this year, a study at the University of Texas at Austin revealed using trans youth’s chosen and true names can help improve their mental health.

GSN reached out to Gabe for further comment.

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