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Greek bishop calls Gay Pride ‘perversion of human existence’

Greek bishop calls Gay Pride ‘perversion of human existence’

A Greek bishop has condemned Gay Pride as a ‘perversion of human existence’.

Anthimos, the bishop of Thessaloniki, has condemned the city celebrating LGBTI rights.

The festivities will take place this Friday and Saturday (20-21 June) in Greece’s second largest city.

‘Do not give dogs what is holy,’ he has said, a line from the gospel of Matthew.

‘Show respect that my position and life is wholly dedicated to the church and the people and respect the fact that I’m well behaved, so don’t associate me with this disgrace. Enough.

‘This is a perversion of the human existence.’

The bishop has said he may be attending a vigil by anti-gay Christian organizations on Friday evening, an event damning Pride.

Earlier this year, anti-gay groups affiliated with the Greek Orthodox Church gathered 19,500 signatures for a petition.

It called for Gay Pride to be banned, urging parents and their children to be free from ‘unholy and unnatural events’.

Thessaloniki Mayor Yannis Boutaris has said he does not share the same opinion on gay rights with the religious leader.

He said: ‘We see eye to eye on many issues with the bishop and we have a very good cooperation.

‘On other issues, we just don’t share the same view and we don’t cooperate.’