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This Scruff user is terrorizing a gay man after being rejected six years ago

This Scruff user is terrorizing a gay man after being rejected six years ago

This Grindr user is allegedly repeatedly harassing a gay guy

A gay man says he is being repeatedly terrorized by a user on gay dating apps like Scruff and Grindr after rejecting him six years ago, which has escalated to even include death threats.

Ricardo Sousa thought it was just a standard rejection after speaking briefly to ‘Hung Top’ one night in 2011.

But ever since then, he has been harassed with hateful text messages, notes and and even found messages written on his car.

It is unknown whether the person in the picture is even of the harasser.

‘I have ignored, I have blocked, I gave him warnings and he won’t stop,’ Sausa added to San Diego Gay and Lesbian News.




‘I have reported to Adam 4 Adam and Grindr; he gets deleted but creates another profile with a different email. That’s just how these apps work.’

And after he found the threatening note on his car, he’s just now ‘scared’ of this guy.

It’s not just him either. Sausa has said another victim has been harassed by ‘Hung Top’ and is hoping more people will come forward to strengthen his case.

He hopes to file a restraining order against his obsessed harasser.

‘I only want letters from people who have been harassed by him and send screenshots, that helps a lot,’ Sausa added.

‘I don’t want him to hurt anybody…but he should be in jail for a while, because this is way over the top. There was a shooting in Florida… we don’t need another one.’