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Group condemns murder of gender non conforming teen Dwayne Jones in Jamaica

Group condemns murder of gender non conforming teen Dwayne Jones in Jamaica

The Jamaica Forum for Lesbians All-Sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG) is condemning the murder this week of a 17-year-old non-gender conforming teen Dwayne Jones by a mob at a party.

‘It is time that these murders, beatings, and evictions are seen and treated as an affront to democracy, peace, justice, harmony, and freedom of our society,’ J-FLAG said in a statement.

‘Jamaica cannot become the place of choice to raise families if we continue killing our children, expelling our most productive, and perpetuating a divisive atmosphere through the skewing of objective truth to suit subjective prejudices.’ the group states.

Jones was dressed as a woman and dancing with a man at a party in St. James. Radio station Irie FM reports that Jones was ‘chopped and stabbed’ to death after a female attendee told a group Jones was male.

Jones was found on a nearby road dead early Monday (22 July). The teen had multiple stab wounds and a gunshot wound.

J-FLAG also notes that two gay men were recently murdered at an anti-gay religious rally organized by a coalition of evangelical churches in Haiti.

‘We send our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the teenager who was slain as well as to our friends in Haiti,’ they stated.

‘We call for a thorough investigation into the murder of the teenager in Montego Bay and hope that the family and loved ones of the slain teen will find the justice they deserve. We encourage persons in the Irwin community of St. James to support the police with any information that could lead to the arrest of the perpetrators.’