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Why hasn’t Pride in London ever had a bisexual float?

Why hasn’t Pride in London ever had a bisexual float?

Two bisexual women at Brighton Pride party bisexual float

An advocacy group launched a campaign to make Pride in London’s first ever bisexual parade float.

The group, known as Biscuit, advocates specifically for bisexual women. But advocates are campaigning for a bisexual float that showcases all types of bi people.

Director of Biscuit Libby Baxter-Williams said: ‘It’s shocking that in the 46 year history of Pride in London, there has never been a bi community float in the parade.

Libby Baxter-Williams (left) at Eurout Conference in 2017
Libby Baxter-Williams (left) at Eurout Conference in 2017. | Photo: supplied

‘Pride in London has been outwardly welcoming of bi participants since 1996 when it was officially renamed, but our community still faces animosity.

‘Bi walking groups in the parade often attract nasty comments from the crowds, and sometimes even the stages. That’s why it’s crucial we do this.

‘There is a B in LGBT and that B deserves to be both seen and heard,’ she said.

‘It’s all happened so fast’

The group launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the bisexual float. Baxter-Williams told Gay Star News: ‘It’s all happened so fast.’

Biscuit started off with an original target of £1250 ($1775 €1425) to pay for the float itself. Once they smashed that target, they shot for £2000 ($2840 €2280). And now it’s at a new target.

She said all bisexual people are welcome, including anyone who experiences misogyny and biphobia.’

As for the float, she said: ‘There’ll probably just be a lot of balloons.’

They’re approaching influential bi people, but are yet to reveal who will be parading around on the top. At the very least, she said: ‘There’ll be plenty of members from the bisexual community.’


Gay Star News launched the Bi+ Manifesto this week, calling for the straight community and LGBTI community to stand with us. Bisexual, pansexual and queer people deserve better.

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