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GSN sends big love to our 290,000 readers

Big thanks to you for helping Gay Star News zoom past the quarter-million readers a month mark

GSN sends big love to our 290,000 readers

What well-oiled machine goes from zero to 290,000 in just eight months? It’s Gay Star News and it’s all down to you.

Despite having only started in December in beta testing and going live as recently as January, GSN soared past the quarter-million user mark last month and was visited by more than 292,000 different people, looking at well over half-a-million pages between them.

And many of you have taken us to your hearts and come back regularly, which is why our social media fanbase is now close to 50,000 people.

So we’d like to thank you for all your loyalty and support. It’s obviously and literally true that nothing we do would make any sense without you!

In particular, many of you have done far more than just visit our site. You’ve told your friends about it, shared our stories via social media, commented on our forums, sent in your feedback, thanked us for our work and put us right when we have got it wrong (on just a very few occasions, we’re pleased to say).

Some of you liked us enough to recommend your companies and organizations advertise with us – and that is what funds all the good work we are trying to do. We believe information is power and will invest everything we can in researching and sharing our articles to help and empower lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people around the globe.

And remember, we’re always ready to listen to you and use your advice to make Gay Star News better. We’ve grown far faster than anyone predicted. But we’ll never be so big that we’ll fail to give you the one-to-one attention you deserve – because we know we owe our success to you.

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