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GSN’s Comment section: Your new forum

GSN’s Comment section: Your new forum

If I believed a little more strongly in metaphors, I would constantly be pinching myself when I think about Gay Star News.

Just seven-ish months old, we have grown far faster and are now much stronger than even we expected.

Throughout, we’ve achieved our success by responding to feedback from you. And that’s why we are launching a Comment section today.

Many of you felt, and you were quite right, that GSN needed to offer a proper forum for columnists, commentary and debate. News and information will remain the heart of what we do but that also means we can make an invaluable contribution to LGBT discussion on all sorts of subjects, from the deadly serious to the apparently frivolous.

I’m sure it won’t take long before one of our columnists says something you disagree with. Obviously we will apply our usual ethical and legal rules to the Comment section but this needs to be as free a forum as possible for it to have any value. If we restrict people’s words purely because their opinions may stir things up, this exercise in promoting free speech and democratic debate just won’t work.

If you hate what someone says there’s plenty you can do about it. Start off with commenting below the article to explain why you disagree. And if that doesn’t quite cover it, I’m always happy to hear from great writers who would like to contribute a comment piece themselves – on virtually any subject.

A broad range of topics is also something you can expect from GSN. After all, we don’t cover LGBT issues, we cover LGBT people. Some of the subjects in our Comment section may not be particularly ‘gay’ but that won’t make them any less worth reading. And, naturally, they will be written with gay, bi or trans readers in mind.

We’ve got some great writers to start this section off and many more in the pipeline. So, welcome to your new GSN Comment section. And, as always, make sure you let us know what you think about it so we can make it even better.