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Gucci creates Elton John inspired capsule collection

Gucci creates Elton John inspired capsule collection

Models backstage at last week's Gucci show in Milan where the Elton John collection was unveiled

Gucci showcased a capsule collection of clothing inspired by Elton John’s 70s heyday at its Milan fashion show last week. Impressed by the bold looks, the singer has paid tribute to head designer Alessandro Michele on Instagram.

It’s not surprising he might appreciate the flamboyant and colorful clobber: it’s partly inspired by Michele’s own trawl through Elton’s archive.

‘Alessandro, I love you’

The two men are friends and have hung out together in the past. John makes a cameo appearance in the new Kingsman film. He appears wearing a Michele-designed jacket with satin lapels and Gucci eyewear encrusted with rhinestones.

Yesterday, Elton paid tribute to the Italian designer, saying: ‘Amazed by the #GucciEltonJohn collection. What @gucci have created after visiting my archive is like a beautiful old dream come true. Alessandro, I love you.’

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Some of the glam rock collection of outfits feature the initials EHJ: Elton Hercules John. Elton chose the middle name ‘Hercules’ for himself!

Models walked down the runway sporting large, Aviator-style shades, again aping Elton’s trademark 70s look.

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Michele has been lead designer at Gucci since taking over the reins in January 2015. Check out more images below.

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A silk jacket with serpents detail was directly inspired by an original design by the late Bob Mackie for Elton.

A Gucci tote bag (below) feating the cover of the 1971 Elton John single, Levon/Goodbye.