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Guernsey and Jersey could have equal marriage by 2017

Guernsey and Jersey could have equal marriage by 2017

All gay couples can now convert their civil partnerships into marriage

Jersey and Guernsey could legalize same-sex marriage as early as the end of 2017.

The self-governing British crown-controlled islands off the coast of France are expected to put forward plans to ensure that same-sex couples can marry.

England, Wales and Scotland already allow same-sex couples to marry, while there are currently no plans for it in Northern Ireland.

Guernsey’s government today revealed around 3% of adults, more than 1,600 people, had responded to the consultation with the majority supporting for the move.

And on the same day, Jersey’s Chief Minister Ian Gorst revealed there is a draft law ready to be legalized by January 2017.

Liberate, the campaigning group working for equality in the Channel Islands, said: ‘The LGBTI community in Guernsey has been very patient and waited almost a decade to get to this stage, after the States agreed originally to investigate civil partnerships.

‘We see no reason why both Guernsey and Jersey cannot introduce new legislation giving equal marriage rights at the same time (ie by the end of 2017.’