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Guillermo Díaz of ABC’s Scandal talks to GSN about being an out actor

Guillermo Díaz of ABC’s Scandal talks to GSN about being an out actor

Guillermo Diaz is one of the busiest openly gay actor in Hollywood but he goes about his work without any of the attention that accompanies every career move of Neil Patrick Harris or Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

But that seems to suit this 37-year-old just fine as he takes on roles both gay and straight in television and film. He currently plays the role of Huck, an ex-CIA agent turned computer hacker, on the ABC series Scandal which will return for a second season this fall.

Diaz chatted with Gay Star News recently about how he has succeeded in making his sexuality a non-issue when it comes to getting jobs.

‘I don’t even think about it, I’m an actor,’ he says. ‘I’ve been out since I started acting and I’ve worked my whole life. I think people get too caught up in it. I don’t stress about it. If somebody doesn’t want to work with me because I’m gay, I don’t want to work with them either.’

Plenty of people have wanted to work with his as is evidenced by a resume that includes being a series regular on NBC’s medical drama Mercy as a gay nurse named Angel. He also appeared as a drug dealer in 23 episodes of the Showtime hit Weeds, and had a recurring role on ABC’s No Ordinary Family.

He’s also done dozens of television guest spots on such shows as Law & Order, Criminal Minds, The Closer and Royal Pains and appeared in such LGBT films as Stonewall, I Think I Do, 200 Cigarettes and Boys Life 3.

‘I played a drag queen in Stonewall but I played a straight guy in an episode I just did of Law & Order: SVU,’ he says. ‘And check this out, I played another straight guy in a movie in Utah (Ticket to Vegas) and Britney Spears called me to be in her music video. I was her love interest in I Want to Go which came out last year.’

Diaz then points to points to actress Bellamy Young who is standing nearby and adds: ‘My co-star plays the First Lady and she’s never been married to a president. Why isn’t that a big deal? So I can’t play a straight ex-CIA agent? It’s just common sense.’

After being an in-demand TV guest star since a 1995 appearance on ER, Diaz is hoping Scandal will settle in for a nice, long run. It is set in Washington DC and revolves around a former White House Communications Director (Kerry Washington) who now runs her own crisis management firm.

‘I had done another series called Mercy that lasted for one season but this is the first show that I’ve been on that got a second season,’ Diaz says. ‘It’s great. I just want to work. I’m an actor, that’s all I want. I just want to do good work.’

He also looks forward to revealing more of Huck.

‘You will find out so much more about my character,’ he says. ‘A lot of questions were left unanswered in the first season. It’s good and it’s juicy.’