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Gunned down, stabbed and stoned to death: 325 trans people killed this year

Gunned down, stabbed and stoned to death: 325 trans people killed this year

These are just some of the trans people killed in 2017

Trans people have been gunned down, stabbed and even hanged with their own clothing, according to a new report.

It highlights the 325 trans, non-binary and gender-variant people, at least, who were murdered in the 12 months from 1 October 2016 to 30 September 2017.

42 of the trans murder victims were reported to be 21 years old or younger, with some as young as 15.

The Transgender Murder Monitoring Project has released this update in time for Transgender Day of Remembrance today (20 November).

Brazil still has the most reported trans murders in the world

Brazil (171 murders) and Mexico (56), once again, lead the list of the most reported killings of trans women and men.

The USA has seen 25, an increase from last year when 24 trans people were killed.

But these horrifying numbers are just the tip of the iceberg.

Media organizations – including normally reputable names – are often guilty of misgendering the victims when they are trans, making it even more difficult to get a real sense of the problem.

And there are multiple countries, many in Africa, where we have little knowledge of the violence happening against trans people. The highest numbers have been found in countries with strong trans movements that carry out professional monitoring.

The full detailed list makes for difficult reading, with the vast majority of the deaths being trans women of color.

These are just a few of their names and faces.

Names and faces of trans people killed this year

Mesha Caldwell, 41, was the first known trans person to be killed in the US in 2017.

A hairstylist and makeup artist, her body was found near a rural intersection about 30 miles north of Jackson, Mississippi on 4 January.

Kitkat Mae Fermin, an 18-year-old from Davao City in the Philippines, was shot in the head.


In Cleveland, US, a 32-year-old Brandi Bledsoe was found killed with a plastic bag around her head. She died of a gunshot wound to the chest.

Brandi Bledsoe was found dead at 32
Brandi Bledsoe was found dead at 32

Itzel Durás Castellanos, a 19-year-old in Mexico, was arguing with a man in her house. He killed her by stabbing her eight times.

In Tbilisi, Georgia, Zizi Shekiladze aged 32 was hit in the head with a concrete bar and her throat was cut. She died after several weeks in a coma.

Bianca Bittencourt, from Natal, Brazil, was a beautician who had been missing from her job for three days. Bittencourt was attacked with a broken house fan, her genitals were beaten, and she had received electric shocks. She was found hanged with her own belt.

Madeleine Delbom is one of the oldest killed this past year.

A 62-year-old from Borlänge, Sweden, she was targeted by members of a youth extreme right-wing group. She was strangled and stabbed to death.

Vanessa Valenzuela, a performance artist from Chile, was walking home one night when she was attacked by a mob of five. They attacked her with hammers, sticks who yelled ‘kill the fag’.

In Bulacan, Phillipines, J.R.P Mangalili was run over by a car in June this year. Her family, ‘ashamed’ of her gender identity, buried her as a man. They cut her hair off and dressed her in a suit and tie. Her headstone uses her previous name.

And Ally Lee Steinfeld, a 17-year-old from Houston, Texas.

Ally Steinfeld was murdered in an incredibly gruesome way
Ally Steinfeld was murdered in an incredibly gruesome way

She was stabbed repeatedly, including in the genitals. Her eyes were gouged out. Her body was burned in an attempt to conceal evidence of the crime. Some of Ally’s bones were put in a garbage bag and the bag was placed in a chicken coop.