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Gus Kenworthy dyed his hair pink and became a ‘cotton candy daddy’

Gus Kenworthy dyed his hair pink and became a ‘cotton candy daddy’

Gus Kenworthy with his pink hair

Gus Kenworthy has dyed his hair a cotton candy pink and fans are either drooling or praising him, or both.

The 27-year-old gay Olympian unveiled his new look on Instagram today (22 March).

He captioned the selfie snapped in his car: ‘Petty in pink.’

So, his Instagram followers blasted him with pink heart emojis to express their love.

‘Candy cotton daddy’

Commenting ‘You look too pure to be pink,’ from Grease was a fan-favorite.

Though, some pointed out that on Wednesdays we wear pink. ‘Today is Friday,’ one user mentioned.


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Petty in Pink

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‘You look like an adorable ambassador for cotton candy,’ one said.

Another added: ‘Candy cotton daddy.’

‘Makes those baby blues POP!’ a passionate follower said.

A further user praised Kenworthy for his ‘Gwen Stefani circa 2000’ vibe.

Moreover, Kenworthy tagged his hair colorist Aleksey Bishop in the photo.

Bishop is a colorist for the stars, with his recent work including Miley Cyrus for her RuPaul’s Drag Race outfit.

Kenworthy on the airwaves

Kenworthy’s new ‘do comes after Ryan Murphy announced he’d be joining the cast of American Horror Story.

The freestyle skier will join in the ninth series of the show expected to air in the Fall.

He’s competed in the last two Winter olympics, but won medals in fans hearts when he kissed his boyfriend on TV, and refused to shake Mike Pence’s hand.

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