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This guy’s fiancée wants him to uninvite his best man’s husband to please her Catholic parents

This guy’s fiancée wants him to uninvite his best man’s husband to please her Catholic parents

A 28-year-old man has said his fiancée wants him to uninvite his best man’s husband to please her Catholic parents.

He is not willing to do that.

But thankfully, as you’ll see, the internet has great advice.

Posting on Reddit, he said: ‘So I’m agnostic, and my future in laws are Catholic. My fiancée Carol is a ‘cultural Catholic’ because she doesn’tpractice the religion but still does things like midnight mass on Christmas.

‘Her parents though are so Catholic they put the pope to shame. Tensions are already very high because we’re having a secular wedding ceremony, we’re already living together etc.

‘But even though they disapprove, up until recently they’ve been relatively supportive and excited about the wedding. That all changed recently when they found out that my best man, Mike, was gay and his husband, Jacob, was also invited to the wedding. Now the shit’s completely hit the fan. They don’t want to come to the wedding, they don’t want to be in the wedding pictures with a gay couple, they don’t want to be sitting at the head table next to a gay couple, just everything about the fact that there’s an openly gay man in the wedding party makes them deeply uncomfortable.

‘Carol is heartbroken. She really, really wants her parents to be there. She’s been talking to them and she came up with the ‘compromise’ of letting Mike come but having him leave Jacob at home. Basically her parents are willing to get along with Mike as long as the homosexuality isn’t ‘shoved in their face’. I’m sympathetic, I feel awful for her because I know it would hurt like hell for her to miss out on being walked down the aisle or having the daddy/daughter dance. But I’m not willing to make that compromise. I’m not willing to tell my best friend he’s not allowed to bring his husband because my in-laws think gay people are gross. Especially since Jacob has ALSO been a friend to me and Carol, he isn’t just some random dude who happens to be married to Mike. Carol thinks I’m being unreasonable and that her parents should take priority, even if it means making tough decisions.

‘TL:DR Fiance wants me to uninvite best man’s husband because her ultra Catholic parents won’t come otherwise. ‘

The advice on the Reddit post was almost universally supportive of the 28-year-old man and his decision to invite both Mike and Jacob.

‘Yeah you’re in the right here. I understand she’s emotional about her parents not coming, but there is no way you can ask your friend to stand up for your marriage while pretending his doesn’t exist,’ one said.

Another added: ‘Tell them that if Pope Francis can meet gay people they shouldn’t have a problem. Are they above the Pope?’

And one had just decent marital advice.

‘If you give into their bigotry now, you’ll be giving into it for the rest of your marriage. They are the ones who are pulling a manipulation here, they can decide if they want to hurt their daughter by not showing up. ‘