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Hallmark now offers cards to congratulate trans people on their transition

Send your trans friends some love

Hallmark now offers cards to congratulate trans people on their transition
Twitter / Renata Sancken
Hallmark now produces cards for trans people

Card manufacturing giant Hallmark has discovered a new market – transgender people.

It can be hard enough to find a same-sex Valentine’s card, but think about congratulating a trans friend on starting their transition.

It took some time, but at least one card company has caught on.

Hallmark is now producing a series of cards aimed explicitly at trans people.

Twitter user Renata Sancken found the cards in her local CVS and decided to share the picture on her account.

‘I’ve never seen Hallmark cards for gender transitioning before,’ she said.

‘Capitalism triumphs over hate??’

And they’re really sweet, if a little cliché – but then again, so are a lot of cards.

The neutrally green colored card features a butterfly and the slogan ‘You’re becoming who you’ve always been’ on the front.

When you open it, ir reads: ‘How wonderful is that?’

The tweet has since been retweeted more than 2,000 times and collected more than 4,500 likes at the time of publication.

And a majority of the reactions have been more than positive – or explained the workings of capitalism – with a lot of people saying they were touched by the cards.

It is unclear how long these have been on sale, but they are also available through Hallmark’s US online shop along with a number of other LGBTI-themed cards.

Gay Star News contacted Hallmark for comment.

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