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Hallmark use real-life lesbian couple for the first time in their campaign

Hallmark tell the story of Eugenia and Corinna in their newest ad campaign and the result is super cute

Hallmark use real-life lesbian couple for the first time in their campaign

‘You make my heart fifty times bigger and I’m so lucky to have you.’

Hearing somebody talk like this about their partner will make anyone smile, but on this occasion, it will make you smile even more as it comes from Hallmark’s new ad campaign featuring a real-life lesbian couple.

For the first time, the US greetings card company has used a lesbian couple in advertising.

In a YouTube video released by the company we meet Eugenia and Corinna, who have been together for two years.

They talk candidly, and very sweetly, about their relationship.

How often do they say they love each other?

‘I think we do it often, like a lot!’ says Eugenia.

‘There’s something special about the way it comes out just in everyday moments that we get really used to,’ says Corinna.

The women are then brought back together to watch a video of them talking about each other, and it moves them to tears.

Hallmark also released an e-card in June 2014 featuring a pair of gay dads to celebrate Father’s Day.

The company joins others like Tiffany and Co. who have used real-life gay couples and their powerful stories to give their ad campaigns more impact.

Check out the video below:

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