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Halloween exorcist sends gay demon back to hell

Halloween exorcist sends gay demon back to hell

With Halloween only days away, we are more interested in the occult than at any other time of the year. So we thank Bob Larson for providing us with a rather bizarre exorcism video that’s gone viral.

Larson is an American televangelist, who considers himself ‘the world’s foremost expert on cults, the occult, and supernatural phenomena’. He has claimed to have performed over 15,000 exorcisms, and has also set up his own crack squad of pretty teenage girls known as the ‘Teenage Exorcists’.

In 2009, Larson came face to face with a gay demon. Disappointingly, rather than being dressed entirely in leather and looking fabulous, the demon took the form of a drab middle-aged man with a scraggy beard.

Obviously, the demon was no match for Bob Larson, who wastes no time in fighting the beast with the word of the Holy Spirit. He invites him onto stage, and starts coaxing the demon out by yelling at him.

In the full video, which is over half an hour in length, we see more of Bob’s demon-slaying in action, along with its unintentionally homoerotic subtext. In one particular moment, we see Larson look the possessed man in the eyes, then state ‘You know what homosexual spirits hate more than anything?’

Larson then hugs the man, groaning loudly.

‘The godly love of one man for another. That’s what they hate more than anything’

Larson proceeds to ‘exorcise’ the demon by getting the afflicted man to accept Jesus Christ into his life, before rousing a group of elderly women to comfort him.

Once the beast has been vanquished, Larson tells the audience ‘The worst thing in the world for a filthy stinking sex demon to say is “the Holy Spirit” – they hate it.’

If you’re concerned that you may be possessed by a demon, gay or otherwise, then you can take the ‘Demon Test’ on Larson’s website, which he believes ‘may be the most important spiritual decision you have made.’ The Demon Test costs $9.95.

Unfortunately, exorcism is not always a laughing matter, with many Christian fundamentalists using it to attack LGBT people around the world.

Last week, a man from North Carolina claimed he had been kidnapped and held by his church for four months after telling them he was gay. He also claimed this abuse was a way of ‘exorcising’ the demon that they believed caused his homosexuality.

Watch the video below: