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Halsey gives powerful speech urging women not to be afraid to ‘be inconvenient’

Halsey gives powerful speech urging women not to be afraid to ‘be inconvenient’

Halsey urges women to be 'inconvenient'

Halsey just gave a powerful speech, urging women not to be afraid of being ‘inconvenient’.

The openly bisexual singer gave the speech during Glamour’s third annual Women of the Year at Spring Studios in New York City.

The event also featured Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart, Younger’s Nico Tortorella and Pose’s Indya Moore.

But when Halsey took the stage, she had the whole room on the edge of their seats.

She tells a series of stories about everyday women.

These include women looked over for promotions over men, women with mental health issues and women of color.

Photo: Facebook/Halsey

One particularly powerful anecdote is about a trans woman.

Halsey says in the speech: ‘A couple meanders through Sunday brunch tables. They pick up some coffee and inspect the bagels.

‘Somebody approaches an after-church service. Immediately our young wife becomes nervous.

‘She asks if they’re planning on having a child. She looks at her feet and her manner grows mild

‘”She’s trans but that’s none of your business here, lady.” She doesn’t want kids but the subject of babies – it makes her get anxious, she knows that she’s valid. But her belly’s not carrying much more than a salad.

‘Her husband, defensive, he rubs on her arms. Politely replies, “It’s just not in our cards.”

‘The churchgoer’s rude and refers to the sermon, “No children? Well that’s just a waste of a woman.”

‘She relays this story to friends over wine, and they tell her that not wanting children is fine.

‘She says, “Well if you wanted, you could carry your own.” But she doesn’t know all their stories at home.

‘Cause some of them spend their nights cursing their wombs, Over handfuls of pregnancies ended too soon,’ Halsey said.

Watch the full speech:

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