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Halsey records PSA on Instagram about biphobia: ‘We exist’

Halsey records PSA on Instagram about biphobia: ‘We exist’


Halsey has no time for anyone’s biphobia and she’s not afraid to say so.

Yesterday was National Coming Out Day and the singer shared a post commemorating the day. She posted a photo of herself on the cover of Paper Magazine’s Pride issue.

‘Ya girl is #OutAndProud,’ she wrote in the caption.

Some users, however, posted in the comments about Halsey dating rapper G-Eazy.

One commenter wrote: ‘Pride for what shes a straight girl who hook up with the occasion fm when shes high.’

In another comment, a user wrote: ‘Nothing like grabbing that cash from both sides, few better role models in the gay community than a woman who likes sleeping with woman, but has a long-term boyfriend.’

Even more comments kept harping on about her dating a man, and therefore she has nothing to be ‘out’ about.

In response, Halsey posted a video on her Instagram story, which many have re-posted on Twitter.

This is her simple statement: ‘So I posted on my Instagram for National Coming Out Day that I’m out and proud, and everyone’s commenting like, “But aren’t you dating G-Eazy?” So I wanted to take a moment to make a PSA to remind you that — bisexual people. We exist.’

It’s also not the first time she’s called out people for wrong attitudes about the LGBTI community.

In August, she tweeted about people bringing anti-LGBTI propaganda to her concerts. She wasn’t having any of it.

Biphobia is a real problem

There are struggles that are specific to bisexual people in the community.

One of the main struggles is combating the various misconceptions about bisexual people. Stereotypes about bi people often include them being promiscuous or greedy, or simply indecisive about their ‘real’ sexuality.

Some people also say that bi people ‘appropriate’ gay culture. This discrimination can also come from inside the community itself.

Recent studies have also shown other uphill battles, such as bisexual men finding it the hardest to come out.

Other reports show that 46% of bisexual women reported being raped, and bisexual women in the US are poorer than their straight peers.

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