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Halsey claps back at troll claiming she uses rainbow as ‘marketing strategy’

Halsey claps back at troll claiming she uses rainbow as ‘marketing strategy’

24-year-old singer Halsey with rainbow eye shadow

Singer Halsey just perfectly clapped back at a troll who said she uses the rainbow flag as a ‘marketing strategy’.

The exchange happened after the 24-year-old singer posted two photos of herself to Instagram on Saturday (6 July). In the first photo, she’s on stage holding a microphone but in the second, she’s holding a rainbow flag.

The outspoken bisexual singer wrote in the caption: ‘peak bi gurl evolution’.


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While most of the comments praised Halsey for her LGBTI-inclusive São Paulo performance, one social media user was skeptical.

‘Borasavage’ responded to the photos: ‘rainbow is the new marketing strategy.’

Then Halsey clapped back: ‘There’s been a flag in my show for five years.

She then added: ‘You’re just not paying attention you whiny little baby’.

In response to the clap back, one fan wrote: ‘Queen! Plus you’re a part of the community how is that strategy. Have they not heard some of your songs?’

Another responded: ‘Baby girl this is a troll because real Halsey fans know you’re a bi goddess’.

Halsey: ‘Every day is Straight Pride’

This latest clap back comes after Halsey wore a t-shirt of a same-sex female couple who were violently beaten in a homophobic attack in London last month.

On the back of the T-shirt, a statement read: ‘Fuck your straight Pride.’ A direct comment on a group of men in America attempting to organize a ‘straight Pride parade’ in Boston, Massachusetts.

Singer Halsey wore a powerful t-shirt printed wit the faces of a lesbian couple attacked in the area last week
Singer Halsey wore a powerful t-shirt printed with the faces of a same-sex female couple attacked in the area last week. | Picture: Twitter

To a packed room at the Electric Ballroom in north London, the singer spoke about how ‘every day’ is ‘Straight Pride,’ and that the end of Pride does not mean the end of activism.

The bisexual singer then got the crowd to chant ‘I will not be afraid,’ to the delight and heart-break of many of her fans.

She also said at the gig: ‘The sharp reality is, after the Pride parades are over and after the bars close their pride nights, when the glitter is being swept out of the streets, a lot of people get on those trains and they get on those buses and try to wash the glitter off their bodies.

‘And they peel the stickers off their clothes, because when Pride is over, it’s not safe to be gay anymore.’

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