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Chelsea Handler faces backlash after ‘homophobic’ tweet

Chelsea Handler faces backlash after ‘homophobic’ tweet

Chelsea Handler is facing backlash after a tweet about Senator Lindsey Graham that many are describing as homophobic.

The actress commented on Graham’s participation in a Trump administration meeting on immigration reform.

The tweet implied Graham has been blackmailed in to keeping his sexuality secret.

He has previously turned down rumors he is gay.

The senator told New York Times: ‘I know it’s really gonna upset a lot of gay men — I’m sure hundreds of ’em are gonna be jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge — but I ain’t available. I ain’t gay. Sorry.’

The tweet reads: ‘Holy, fuck fuck. I just saw the video of trumps bipartisan “meeting” yesterday. Hey, @LindseyGrahamSC what kind of dick sucking video do they have on you for you 2 be acting like this? Wouldn’t coming out be more honorable?’

Most people calling Handler out for the tweet are conservative supporters.

See the tweet below