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Hanged, stoned, killed by their parents: 271 trans people murdered this year

Hanged, stoned, killed by their parents: 271 trans people murdered this year

India Clarke is just one of the many trans people murdered this year

Trans people have been hanged, stoned to death and even killed by their own parents, according to a new report.

It highlights the tragedies of 271 trans and gender-variant people, at least, who were murdered in the last 12 months. Thirty-seven were 21 years old or younger.

Brazil (118 murders) and Mexico (34), one again, lead the list of the most reported killings of trans men and women according to Transgender Europe’s Trans Murder Monitoring Project.

The USA has seen 27 killings of trans people, an increase of 17 from last year. The UK, Canada, France and Australia all had one reported trans murder each.

But even these harrowing stories are likely just the tip of the iceberg.

Media organizations – including normally reputable Western names – are often guilty of misgendering the victims when they are trans, making it even more difficult to get a real sense of the problem.

And even in countries where rights for gays and lesbians have made progress, it is clear there are still dangerous places for trans people to exist.

The full detailed list makes for difficult reading, with the majority of the deaths being trans women of color.

Mayang, a migrant from Bali, Indonesia, was found dismembered in her home in Brisbane, Australia. Her body parts spread out across the house, many of her remains were found ‘cooking’ in a chemical pot on the kitchen stove. She was killed by her husband.


Deshawnda ‘Tata’ Sanchez, 21, was killed in Los Angeles while pounding on a door for help.


And Bri Golec, a gender-fluid artist from Akron, Ohio, was alleged to have been stabbed to death by their father.


Alecs Recher, co-chair of Transgender Europe, said it was important to learn from these statistics.

‘Transgender Day of Remembrance is there to honor the people that have lost their lives to brutal transphobia,’ Recher told Gay Star News.

‘Our Trans Murder Monitoring data show that more murders are reported where there is a strong trans movement. This means that we learn only about the tip of the iceberg and that organizing ourselves does make a difference.

‘The police, the judicial system, the media and the wider public must never misgender, misname or misreport a trans person’s death. At least in death the victim’s dignity must not be violated again.

‘It is so important for us all to come together on Transgender Day of Remembrance to commemorate the victims and see it as a task to work together to prevent further murders and to improve trans peoples’ general living conditions.’