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Hannah Gadsby reveals she had an abortion after rape

Hannah Gadsby reveals she had an abortion after rape

Hannah Gadsby in Nanette

Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby revealed should would ‘dead’ if she had not been able to have an abortion after a violent rape.

In her groundbreaking standup show, Nanette, Gadsby revealed she had been violently assaulted twice because of her sexuality. One time was in her teens and another time in her early twenties in her home state of Tasmania.

But Gadsby has only just revealed she had an abortion after the rape.

‘What a stupid fucking statement! I’m “pro-life”, but I had an abortion. That sits very comfortably in my head as a duality,’ she told Variety for its Power in Pride issue.

The conversation turned to the controversial and draconian new abortion laws in US states, Georgia, Missouri, Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi and Ohio.

Alabama passed the most controversial laws in May which would deny women an abortion even after rape or incest.

But Gadsby argued without an abortion should would be ‘dead’.

‘It’s as simple as that,’ she said.

‘I was assaulted, raped and very, very vulnerable. How was I going to raise a child? I would have ended up dead. How is that pro-life? You can’t say women can’t have abortions and then provide absolutely no infrastructure to help them.’

Gadsby and Pride

In Nanette, Gadsby confessed to being put off by the loudness of Pride events, but still wanted to be ‘out and proud’.

‘I think when you’re in a position where you’re visible you have to be [louder] for the little guys,’ Gadsby said.

‘I deal with the responsibility of being out and proud and even loud as much as I possibly can, because there are people who need to see me.

‘But I understand the importance of being a public person who can be representative of a minority.

‘I think what I have, and it’s something I’ve had to work really hard at, is an absence of shame. That feels more important to me than an active position of pride.’