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Hannibal Lecter wannabe sentenced for murdering roommate over same-sex marriage

Hannibal Lecter wannabe sentenced for murdering roommate over same-sex marriage

Daniel called Hannibal Lecter his idol

A Hannibal Lecter-wannabe was sentenced after killing his roommate over her opinion on same-sex marriage.

The 25-year-old man was sentenced to a life sentence on Monday (30 January) for murdering his female roommate because he disagreed with her religious beliefs.

He stabbed her at least seven times.

In previous reports, he was named only as Daniel E.; Germany usually releases neither the full names nor any pictures of anyone involved in court proceedings, no matter if they’re accused or the victim.

Speaking to a case worker before the process, he named Hannibal Lecter – the cannibalistic serial killer at the heart of the hit book and film Silence of the Lambs – as his idol.

The sentencing also brings to light new details about the murder.

On 10 August 2016, Daniel – who was a student at the University of Freiburg – allegedly stormed into his flatmate’s room and asked what she thought of marriage equality.

He then produced an outdoor knife, which he had hid in his trousers, and stabbed his flatmate in the neck ‘with the intent of killing her’.

Daniel apparently believed she would die within minutes; the woman was sitting on her bed and, according to the attorney general, had no chance to defend herself.

After being stabbed, she managed to get up and flee, but the young man grabbed her clothes and stabbed her a second time.

She managed to flee into the staircase, before Daniel caught up with her and clutched the woman from behind.

According to the press release he then proceeded to repeatedly ‘forcefully stab the woman’s upper body, to finalize the killing for good.’

The victim fell on a first floor landing and died within minutes.

The young man had confessed the murder right after he was arrested.

‘He spoke about it as if he was telling of a school trip,’ the police officer who interrogated him said, according to Focus.

According to the court, Daniel had a detailed plan of the murder and announced it in a manifesto written days before, and amended on the day of the killing.

‘He killed her in place of all believers,’said judge Eva Kleine-Cosack giving her grounds for the judgment.

‘Because he couldn’t kill all believers,’

In his manifesto, Daniel also said he regretted his ‘laziness, not [to have] killed more of this kind’.

A life sentence is indefinite under German law, but convicts must serve a minimum of 15 years.

The court did not find a particular gravity of guilt for the offence, which means Daniel could be released after 15 years.

Despite a diagnosed, but unspecified, personality disorder, and trying to take his own life after the murder, the court was attested Daniel was fully criminally liable.

Due to this, and against his lawyer’s request, he will not be detained in a psychiatric facility.