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What happened at the intersex and non-binary panel at Digital Pride?

What happened at the intersex and non-binary panel at Digital Pride?

Intersex panel at Digital Pride

The community does not end at LGBT, for there are more gender identities that people no little about.

J Fernandez, of Beyond the Binary, Surat-Shaan, of Liberal Judaism, and author and intersex activist Joe Holliday talked about their experiences at Digital Pride.

Holliday was born with testicles but without a penis. Doctors castrated him without his consent and he was raised female.

Fernandez might be present as male, but she uses female pronouns. She spoke about her desire to go on testosterone and grow a beard but keep a non-binary identity.

And Shaan said it was only when they went into professional sports, and how it was noted that they grew muscle a lot faster than other women, they learned they had a chromosomal variance and chose to transition to male.

‘Everything is very binary, from passports to any other form. Gender variance, whether physically or not, has been around since the beginning of time,’ Shaan said. ‘There were gods and goddesses. Why is it only now you can only be male or female and you can only pick one?’

Holliday said the problem is the medical profession only considers there to be male or female and no inbetween.

‘They believe this is a disorder or something that needs to be fixed because they can,’ he said. ‘You can’t force a sex on someone. Intersex children are still being operated on.’

Fernandez said gender identity clinics are still very judgmental.

‘You have to butch up or femme up depending on what hormones you want,’ she said. ‘Butch trans women don’t exist, feminine trans men don’t exist to these professionals because they don’t fit into these stereotypes.

‘I have non-binary friends who have clothes specifically to go to a gender identity clinic and then wear something completely different to go and meet their friends’ she said.

Holliday concluded: ‘Medical schools need to be taught about gender identity, but they’re not. They’re talking about box-ticking. It’s leading to generation after generation of intersex and non-binary people being mistreated.’

Watch the video of the intersex and non-binary panel below: