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Gay man found guilty of ‘violent’ murder of man he met via hook-up app

Gay man found guilty of ‘violent’ murder of man he met via hook-up app

Arthur Harmon broke down after being read the guilty verdict

A gay man has been found guilty of murder for his role in the killing of another gay man he was introduced to via hook-up app, Jack’d.

Police say that Arthur Harmon conspired with his boyfriend, Yiannis Mihail, and a third man, Cody Lewis, to tempt the victim to their home so that they could rob him in order to pay their rent.

He was travelling, 53-year-old salesman, Kevin Moyer, from Dallas.

His body was found in the backseat of his car, near Beaumont, TX, in April 2014. He was naked and wrapped in a sheet, and had to be identified through dental records.

Murder victim Kevin Moyer
Murder victim Kevin Moyer

An autopsy determined he had been strangled to death with vet tape (bandage tape) wound around his neck.

A Crime stoppers tip-off led police to Cody Lewis. They later found traces of Moyer’s blood splattered around the home occupied by Harmon. A blood-stained knife was later entered as evidence of the crime in this week’s trial.

On Monday, Lewis pleaded guilty to his involvement in Moyer’s murder.

Breaks down following verdict

Harmon was yesterday found guilty by jury of the crime at Jefferson County Court.

When the verdict was read, Harmon broke down in tears. reports that he then turned to Moyer’s brother and told him that he had cried over Moyer’s death and that he should have left the house before the confrontation got out of hand.

He said he wished the murder had never happened. Lewis said Harmon had carried the vet tape, but Harmon denied that he had been the one to use it. He said in testimony that Mihail had been the one to use it on Moyer.

Mihail is awaiting trial.

L-R; Cody Lewis, Yiannis Mihail and Arthur Harmon
L-R; Cody Lewis, Yiannis Mihail and Arthur Harmon