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Harvey confusion! Weinstein is the one in trouble, not Fierstein

Gay actor/playwright pokes fun at similarities between him and the movie mogul, tweeting, 'All Harveys look alike'

Harvey confusion! Weinstein is the one in trouble, not Fierstein
David Shankbone | CC-by-3.0
Harvey Fierstein

With names so similar, it’s not a surprise that some people are confusing Harvey Weinstein and Harvey Fierstein.

Adding to the confusion, both men are heavy-set, New York Jews in their 60s with deep, husky voices. And both are involved in the world of entertainment.

Weinstein is the one who is in the news right now. Not Fierstein. However, because of the similarities, Fierstein is getting drawn into the controversy and making light of it.

Harvey Fierstein is a 63-year-old actor and playwright. He’s openly gay (one of the first people to ever publicly come out) and came to fame in the 1980s when his gay-themed Torch Song Trilogy ran on Broadway.

He won a Best Actor in a play Tony (in 1983) for Torch Song Trilogy and also Best Actor in a musical Tony (in 2003) for performing in drag as Edna Turnblad in the Broadway production of Hairspray.

Fierstein also won Tonys for writing Torch Song (in 1983) and the book to La Cage aux Folles (in 1984).

Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein is a 65-year-old movie mogul, the head of the Weinstein Company, the company that has released many LGBTI-themed art house movies such as A Single Man, The Imitation Game, Carol, Philomena, Bully and Transamerica.

Before that, he was the head of Miramax Films, the production and distribution company that he and his younger brother, Bob, founded in 1979.

Miramax released films like Pulp Fiction, Shakespeare in Love, The Crying Game, Sex, Lies and Videotape, Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!, Mr. and Mrs. Bridge, Madonna: Truth or Dare, and The English Patient.

Weinstein is a married, straight man, who has been embroiled in controversy thanks to a 5 October New York Times article alleging sexual harassment of many women over the decades.

The claims against Weinstein intensified Tuesday when the New Yorker published an investigative report, written by Ronan Farrow, that detailed rape allegations brought by three women. 

Weinstein was fired from his job on Sunday as head of The Weinstein Company, the production and distribution company he founded in 2005, due to those sexual harassment charges.

Fierstein has been having some fun with the Harvey confusion, making light of their similarities.

Last week, Fierstein sent out a tongue-in-cheek tweet, reading, ‘Harvey Weinstein is rumored to be in trouble & I am somehow getting flak as well! I get it. All Harveys look alike.’

Later, he tweeted, ‘That’s right! Be mad at Harvey, not HARVEY! Guys, We’re Mad @ Harvey WEINSTEIN, Not Harvey FIERSTEIN! 

Finally, he tweeted, ‘I’m a good gay! I mean, a good guy. – Guys, We’re Mad At Harvey WEINSTEIN, Not Harvey FIERSTEIN!’  

Page Six even had fun with the confusion, writing up a fun piece and interviewing Fierstein.

The actor told the gossip column, ‘Between a hurricane and a Weinstein, this Harvey is yearning for the days when people mistook me for an invisible rabbit [the Harvey of a Broadway play and later a Jimmy Stewart film].’

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