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Has Cheerios produced the cutest gay parenting advert ever?

Has Cheerios produced the cutest gay parenting advert ever?

The advert features real-life couple André and Jonathan, who inform us that they met after being set up on a blind date. The two felt an ‘immediate connection’, fell in love and set about starting a life together.

Then? Well, as André so sweetly puts it, they decided that; ‘We couldn’t keep all of this luck and love for ourselves… we need to share’.

That’s when they made the decision to adopt, and little Raphaëlle entered their lives. The men fell in love with their new daughter the moment they were introduced to her by their adoption agency.

The couple acknowledging that not everyone in the world welcomes the idea of gay parents, but that if their daughter experiences any issues, it won’t be down to their parenting skills.

‘If Raphaëlle has a problem to have two dads… it’s not going to be our fault, because I [didn’t] have confidence in myself for all my life,” Jonathan tells us. “But for this, I know: We are good parents.’

‘Being a dad: we rock,’ adds André, in his heavy Quebecois accent.

And what’s this got to do with Cheerios? It’s part of the brand’s latest campaign, entitled ‘The Cheerios Effect’, which seeks out inspirational love stories. The tagline for the campaign is that ‘Just like two Os in a bowl, we all love to connect.’

Sure, it’s a sentimental message that’s being used to sell breakfast cereal, but we’re all for anything that demonstrates how widespread and normal gay parenting is… and who could watch this and say that little Raphaëlle isn’t lucky to be in such a loving family?

Cheerios is owned by General Mills, which has previously run campaigns to coincide with LGBTI Pride season.