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Hate-preaching pastor having a hard time planning South African mission

Hate-preaching pastor having a hard time planning South African mission

Baptist Pastor Steven Anderson is well-known homophobe

Pastor Steven L Anderson who praised the Orlando massacre because there are ’50 less pedophiles in this world’ is having a hard time finalizing his plans for his 18 September trip to South Africa.

Anderson is the head of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona and plans to visit South Africa before heading to Botswana where he is opening a church.

GaySA Radio Manager Hendrik Baird has launched a campaign and petition to prevent Anderson from preaching hate in South Africa ever since his plans were first announced to ‘win souls’ in Johannesburg.

After Anderson made his itinerary public, Baird contacted the previous hotel and venues where Anderson planned to preach and they all cancelled Anderson’s reservations.

Anderson, still bent on visiting South Africa, made new plans and urged his followers not to disclose any information publicly about where or when they will meet.

In a recent post by Mambaonline, Baird has discovered the new locations and contacted all the venues Anderson plans to visit.

They have responded by canceling the church’s reservations and stating their support for the LGBTI community of South Africa.

According to the post, Anderson asked his supporters not to acknowledge or greet him or anyone in their group at the airport for fear of being recognized. ‘The Sodomites are going to be there protesting and/or whatever else they have planned, so our goal is just to get out of there as quickly as possible without incident,’ he said.

‘We are facing more opposition to our trip to South Africa and our work in Botswana than anything we have done,’ he said in a Facebook post and that it is a sign of the ‘amazing work for God that is going to be done’.

Baird has further contacted the Department of Home Affairs to prevent Anderson from entering the country. He has been promised a meeting with Minister Malusi Gigaba and LGBTI representatives as well as the South African Human Rights Commission, but is still waiting on a date.

‘GaySA Radio is very disappointed with the lack of action by Minister Gigaba,’ Baird told Mambaonline, and that Gigaba has ‘not answered any correspondence from the SAHRC’ even though he said he would support the application.

So far over 54,000 people have signed the petitions and Baird is doing everything in his power to block hatemonger Anderson from entering the Rainbow Nation.