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'Stop the f*gs': Hateful flyers posted around Florida university

The University of West Florida is located in Pensacola

'Stop the f*gs': Hateful flyers posted around Florida university
University of West Florida

A Florida university is currently investigating homophobic flyers posted around the campus.

Unknown people posted the flyers across large areas of the University of West Florida’s campus on Tuesday (31 October). UWF spokeswoman Megan Gonzalez said the flyers mostly appeared on doors leading to lecture halls.

The flyers read ‘stop the f*gs’ and make inaccurate claims about LGBTI parents abusing their children and carrying diseases.

One features the biohazard symbol colored as a rainbow. Another shows a children with adults approaching and holding rainbow belts.

The Pensacola News Journal has photos of the flyers.

‘We’re in the middle of the investigation, but we believe it’s a national organization that targeted UWF,’ Gonzalez stated. She also said there’s no known group on the campus itself.

The flyers reference, a site describing itself as ‘the internet’s premium purity spiraling website’.

Response from the university president

UWF President Martha Saunders released the following statement about the flyers:

We understand that the messages displayed may have generated concern and fear for some in our community. At the University of West Florida, we are committed to ensuring our institution is a safe and respectful environment for all. We do not tolerate acts of hate or prejudice targeting members of our community.

Making a point

UWF’s response is short and to the point. It makes it clear the university is no place for hate or discrimination.

The statement is wildly different from that of Cleveland State University.

Recently, anti-LGBTI flyers were posted there and the president issued a statement about free speech, which received wide criticism.

CSU eventually acknowledged their initial response was inadequate.

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