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Hawaii shelves same-sex marriage bill

Hawaii shelves same-sex marriage bill

Hawaii’s hopes for gay marriage have suffered a setback after officials decided against a hearing for its gay marriage bill.

The decision by the state House Judciary Committee to table the issue for the current legislative session means the bill is not likely to advance this year.

State representative Karl Rhodes, chairman of the committee, said there was no political will for gay marriage in this current session.

Around 150 supporters of the bill rallied at the state house yesterday ahead of today’s deadline, but their efforts seem to have been in vain.

Former Hawaii Supreme Court Associate Steven Levinson said: ‘It’s a landslide around the world and in our country and yet, we who started it all 20 years ago are still waiting in line.’

Lois Perrin, ACLU of Hawaii’s Legal Director, said: ‘It means that we leave our LGBT brothers and sisters in the same positin that they are now and given them absolutely no additional protection and treating them like second-class citizens.’