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Hayley Kiyoko’s message for LGBTI fans with bad parental relationships is inspiring

Hayley Kiyoko’s message for LGBTI fans with bad parental relationships is inspiring

Hayley Kiyoko | Photos: Jack Alexander

Hayley Kiyoko has spoken out in support of LGBTI fans with strained relationships with their parents.

Speaking in her cover interview for next month’s issue of Gay Times, the openly lesbian star discussed young LGBTIs who reach out to her.

‘I think that the thing that really connects with me are messages about not being able to relate with their parents,’ the Curious singer admitted.

‘You need communication’

‘Having them not understand who they are, and not having that dialogue. I think that’s the hardest thing sometimes is when you don’t understand one another, how do you even begin that conversation? You need communication to be able to build that bridge.’

Hayley is known for tracks such as What I Need and Wanna Be Missed.

On the subject of self-acceptance, the MTV Video Music Award for Push Artist of the Year award-winner furthermore added: ‘We all go through tough times accepting ourselves and to be able to know so many people accept me for who I am – I just feel like we all want that validation and to be able to love yourself.

‘You’re wanting people to approve so then you can feel free to be who you are. My fans are able to give me that, and I try to give them that energy straight back to them – give them that space to love themselves, and to feel open and free.’

Hayley’s debut album Expectations reached number 12 in the US album charts earlier this year. It furthermore reach number 24 in the UK charts.

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