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HB2 costs North Carolina another sporting event

HB2 costs North Carolina another sporting event

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory consistently defended HB2 since signing it into law

The anti-LGBTI law known as HB2 has caused the National Junior College Athletic Association to move its baseball championships out of North Carolina.

The 2017 Division III baseball championship was to be held in Kinston, North Carolina, next May.

The NJCAA Executive Committee pointed out that its constitution emphasizes competitive athletics ‘in an inclusive environment’ for all student-athletes, coaches and administrators of its member colleges.

The committee decided that HB2 ‘poses specific challenges to the inclusive environment the NJCAA believes should not be in question at its national championships.’

The NJCAA follows the NBA, NCAA and Atlantic Coast Conference in moving sporting events from the state.

The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association is also moving eight of its 10 championships from North Carolina.

Passed earlier this year, HB2 diminishes workplace protections for LGBTI people including blocking local governments from passing anti-discrimination laws.

In addition, it requires transgender citizens to use public restrooms according to their birth certificate gender.

North Carolina and the federal government are facing each other in court over HB2.