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Head of Log Cabin Republicans insists Donald Trump is not anti-gay

Head of Log Cabin Republicans insists Donald Trump is not anti-gay

Donald Trump has been married three times.

Log Cabin Republican Executive Director Gregory T. Angelo considers Donald Trump to be the most pro-gay among the field of GOP presidential contenders.

‘Donald Trump – your viewers might not believe it – is actually the most pro-gay,’ Angelo said this week on MSNBC’s Hardball With Chris Matthews.

‘He supports amending the Civil Rights Act to include sexual orientation non-discrimination. He’s been to a gay wedding, he’s friends with George Takei. His record doesn’t bear out that that would be an enemy to the gay community.’

Log Cabin Republicans aim work within their party to advocate equal rights for LGBTI people.

Trump, who has been married three times, is against same-sex marriage but has also said employees should not be fired simply for being gay and that the same-sex marriage debate is a ‘dead issue.’

The topic of Trump came up during a conversation about Trump’s call to ban all Muslims from entering the US. Host Chris Matthews asked: ‘Suppose he said no gays could come in … the country?’

‘I’m not being an apologist for Trump in that regard,’ Angelo said of Trump’s stance on Muslims. ‘But I would just point out that if we Log Cabin Republicans are for a more inclusive Republican Party, it doesn’t begin and end with members of the gay community.

‘In fact one of the most challenging things, if you’re fighting for equal rights, it’s easy to fight for your own equal rights, right. Fighting for others is more difficult.’