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Headteacher who performs in drag has been backed up by school

Headteacher who performs in drag has been backed up by school

A close up of drag queen Miss Tish Ewe.

A headteacher who performs in drag as a second job has received the support of his school.

Andrew Livingstone is the head of Horatio House, an independent school in Lound, Suffolk, England.

Livingstone regularly performs in drag with the name of Miss Tish Ewe. Like any other queen, Miss Tish Ewe uses colorful language and references sexual acts in her performances.

Photo: @MissTishEwe/Twitter

While some might find this shocking, Livingstone has been backed up by his school. The owners of the school, in fact, have said the roles are not ‘incompatible’.

Great Yarmouth Community Trust, which owns the school, said it had agreed on guidelines with Livingstone to ensure there is ‘a separation between his two jobs,’ the BBC reports.

The school also said his drag queen act came up during checks when he was appointed headteacher in July 2018.

However, they did ‘not believe that the two jobs are incompatible, and agreed with Mr. Livingstone clear guidelines to ensure that there is a separation between his two jobs, including the use of social media in promoting his act’.

According to social media, Miss Tish Ewe has performed at various Pride events. Her next gig will be Quay Pride on 7 December.

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