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Health insurer Aetna launches dedicated LGBT campaign

Health insurer Aetna launches dedicated LGBT campaign

Health insurer Aetna has launched a concerted campaign to target the LGBT community, reports AP.

The United State’s third biggest health insurance company has launched a dedicated website and is utilizing mobile apps and print ads to target the country’s estimated 9million-strong LGBT population.

The campaign’s tagline is ‘Be Strong. Be Well.’

Commentators say that the move reflects the company’s wider recognition that a targeted approach towards specific groups will counteract consumers more fickle approach to service providers – even if appealing to the LGBT marketplace may cause upset with some.

Aetna’s latest campaign does not represent a sudden turnaround in the organization’s approach to diversity and inclusion. The company has scored 100% in the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index for the past 13 years running – the only company to do so in its history.

It has also long-backed domestic partnership rights for same-sex couples – as well as helping consumers to find LGBT-friendly health service providers.

Earlier this year, its CEO, Mark Bertolini, wrote an open letter to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer urging her to veto a religious freedom bill in the state, saying at the time, ‘We strongly believe that no person should be discriminated against based solely on who they are, or who they love. At Aetna, we embrace all dimensions of diversity.’ Brewer went on to veto the bill.

In March, the company sent a similar letter to Indiana Governor Mike Pence when that state passed its religious freedom law.

Speaking about the new campaign, Aetna President Karen Rohan said, ‘This is a pilot for us to really understand how people are making choices and how people are thinking about purchasing health care.’

She said that she did not expect the company to suffer any backlash for its latest campaign: ‘I think people generally are supportive of diversity and inclusion.’

The campaign was applauded by Bob Witeck, president of public relations and marketing company Witeck Communications, Inc.

‘Aetna’s move is beautifully timed,’ he told Gay Star Business.

‘With the emergence of the individual insurance market in the U.S. combined with the rise and visibility of LGBT families and marriages, Aetna does not want to leave any person or prospect behind.’

Witeck said that his company has previously worked with Aetna on its LGBT business strategy, and this latest campaign cemented its reputation as one of the US’s most gay-friendly brands.

The Aetna LGBT website features a video of a man and a woman talking about their respective same-sex relationships and the love they feel for their partners.

One of the couple’s featured are Melanie and Vanessa Alenier, who were among half a dozen couples who successfully sued Miami-Dade County Clerk Harvey Ruvin after being denied marriage licenses in January 2014.

You can watch it below: