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Heartbreaking gay marriage video set to go viral

Heartbreaking gay marriage video set to go viral

A new marriage equality video, which already has thousands of views, is set to go viral.

‘Love is Love’, posted last Sunday (12 August), was inspired by an Australian advert which has over six million views on YouTube.

Creator of ‘Love Is Love’ Amanda Deibert said she was inspired by the hit marriage equality video from GetUp! and its first-person camera view.

Deibert’s video tells the story of a lifetime of two people in love, from living together to raising a child, and ends at the point where all couples have to part.

The emphasis on love and commitment instead of marriage benefits is said to be more relatable and effective, according to think tank The Third Way.

In a comment piece for The Advocate, Third Way deputy director Lanae Erikson said: ‘It isn’t about pensions or tax forms—it’s about joining the tradition that plays such an important role in American families, communities, and society.

‘It’s about making those solemn vows in front of the people you care most about, promising to be faithful to your partner for the rest of your life. And it’s about having your friends and family pledge to support you in that sometimes difficult task.

‘Those deeply personal, admirable, and incomparable promises just can’t be approximated with some made-up legal category.’

Check out Love Is Love, as well as its inspiration It’s Time, here: