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Heather Peace teases ‘big gay anthem’ on new album

Heather Peace teases ‘big gay anthem’ on new album

Lesbian favorite Heather Peace has teased a brand new gay anthem on her upcoming album.

The Waterloo Road actress has quit the BBC One school drama show to focus on second record and UK tour.

Peace’s last episode of appearing as popular teacher Nikki Boston will be 12 March.

She said: ‘I’ve been two-jobs-Peace for almost 20 years and it felt like time to put my music first.

‘I’m really proud of this album, it’s exactly how I wanted it to sound – it sounds really live and summery, it’s got lots of doo wops, it’s got a bit of sing-along balladry and it even has a big gay anthem.

‘I cannot wait to perform it live so hopefully you’ll all come and listen because that would obviously be the most fun way to do it.’

The UK tour, which is in support of the British actress and singer’s second album, ‘The Thin Line’, will begin at the Oxford Academy on 20 October and end at the Bristol Thekla on 1 November.

The album, which will be released in June, puts the artist’s vocals into the spotlight, and contains hook-filled piano melodies, euphoric beats and 60’s soul.

For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.