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Heathrow Airport unveils Pride flag made of 6,000 passengers’ kisses

Heathrow Airport unveils Pride flag made of 6,000 passengers’ kisses

The Heathrow Airport pride flag visits the fire department

Heathrow Airport has revealed a Pride flag made up of 6,000 passengers’ kisses.

Staff also contributed to the unique, crowd-sourced artwork, which is now on display above Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal until the end of July.

The activation celebrates the fact that 5% more passengers are due to fly into Europe’s biggest airport ahead of this weekend’s Pride in London parade than last year.

The flag is comprised of multi-colored lipstick stamp marks to reflect the rainbow.

Final kisses were contributed by staff of the Control Tower, fire station and BA Crew Centre.

‘We wanted to give them a warm welcome’

Carol Hui, Chief of Staff at Heathrow Airport, commented: ‘We’ve been getting into the spirit of Pride right across the airport to show our support for London and the rest of the UK, where diversity and equality are so strongly celebrated and equally valued across our employees and passengers alike.

‘Many of the LGBT+ community travel into London, to celebrate this incredible festival so we wanted to give them a warm welcome by, quite literally, flying the flag for Pride.’

The Pride flag follows the Airport’s unveiling of the LGBTI faces of its Welcome Campaign.

The five faces – comprised of two Heathrow Airport colleagues and three GSN competition winners – can be seen around the airport during Pride season.

John Holland-Kaye, CEO of Heathrow Airport, told GSN on Sunday: ‘I’m really excited. Not just because Heathrow is the most diverse place on the planet.

John Holland-Kaye, CEO of Heathrow Airport and Nikki Hayden, one of the LGBTI faces of Heathrow Airport | Photo: Scott Nunn

‘When you think about all the millions of people who come through here. But we’ve also got the same diversity in the people who work here.

‘For many years I don’t think people would have been comfortable expressing their sexuality here. I’m so glad that now people can. You can see people enjoying themselves far more, it’s a far buzzier place.’

Heathrow Airport reveal LGBTI faces of Pride for Welcome Campaign