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London gay club Heaven evacuated due to gas leak

London gay club Heaven evacuated due to gas leak

A popular London gay club was evacuated last night after a gas leak was found on a nearby street.

G-A-Y Heaven is based in the centre of London. It is the capital city’s biggest and most famous gay nightclub.

Emergency services placed a cordon around the area after a ‘large’ gas leak was found on Craven Street.

The gas leak was reported shortly after 2am.

Firefighters and police evacuated Heaven nightclub, Amba Hotel and nearby flats and offices.

Craven Street, the Strand and Duncannon Street junction to Trafalgar Square is closed.

Over a thousand people evacuated from Heaven

A London Fire Brigade spokesman said: ‘We are assisting police on the Strand after a ruptured gas main was discovered using detection equipment and high levels of natural gas were detected in the atmosphere.

‘As a precaution, approximately 1,450 people have been evacuated. They are from a hotel and a night club.

‘The Strand is completely closed and we are asking people to avoid the area.

‘We do not know the cause of the gas leak at this stage. It is ongoing and engineers are down at the scene trying to isolate the leak. There are still high readings of natural gas in the area.

‘We are working to sort it out as quickly as possible.’

Sky News reported two fire engines, 20 fire rescue units and 20 firefighters were at the scene.

Network Rail said nearby stations Charing Cross and Waterloo East will remain closed until at least 10am GMT.

Heaven nightclub

Jeremy Joseph, owner of the venue, told Gay Star News: ‘You practice evacuations but you can’t really do it properly until you have a full capacity venue.

‘It wasn’t a rushed evacuation though. It wasn’t like it was an attack or a fire where we had to evacuate quickly. The evacuation was calm and slow. People were allowed to get their coats.

‘I just want to say a massive thank you to the Fire Brigade and Met Police. They were amazing. It’s not easy when you’re evacuating. People get nervous because of things that have previously happened in London. I don’t think people credit the emergency services enough.

‘And a special thank you has to go to those who left calmly and made the evacuation as easy as possible.

He continued: ‘Normally we have gigs on Tuesdays but luckily there are none tonight. We’re hoping that everything will be back to normal in hours. It’s just a waiting game now.’

Heaven hosts Popcorn on Monday nights. DJs perform sets throughout the night with the club closing normally at 5:30am GMT.

Adam Turner was a DJ performing last night.

He tweeted explaining: ‘Yes we were evacuated just after 3am, but there was no panic, no “security being knocked aside.” In fact, the calmest situation ever. Congrats Heaven security.’