Helen Reddy has a classic response to queries about whether she is a lesbian

Singer Helen Reddy has been married to three different men, has two children and grandchildren.

But because she came to fame with the feminist anthem I Am Woman in the early 70s and has preferred a short haircut, the Australian star’s sexuality has sometimes been called into question.

Reddy, 72, tells Frontiers Magazine about one of the more memorable incidents: ‘There was a show I did one time back in the days when AIDS was first starting. It was in someone’s back yard. … Someone in the audience called out, “When are you coming out Helen?” I said, “If there is a woman somewhere out there with a hairy chest and a big dick, I’m hers!”’

The singer of such hits as Delta Dawn, Angie Baby, Ain’t No Way to Treat a Lady, You and Me Against the World, and Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress) had retired for performing for a decade to live a quieter life in Australia.

But she returned to the stage last year, moved back to Los Angeles where she lived at the height of her 70s and 80s fame, and is performing again to sellout crowds.

‘I have a tremendous gay following,’ she says. ‘In fact, most of my best friends are gay gentlemen. We have a lot of fun.’