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WATCH: Someone’s remade the Call Me By Your Name trailer using clips from Monsters Inc.

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WATCH: Someone’s remade the Call Me By Your Name trailer using clips from Monsters Inc.
L-R: Call Me By Your Name (Sony Pictures Classics) and Monsters Inc (Pixar Disney)

We love the movie Call Me By Your Name. It yesterday received several Golden Globe nominations and is sure to pick up awards in the coming months.

Starring Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer, the film delicately depicts a summer love affair between a 17-year-old and twentysomething during a vacation in Italy.

However, for all the critical acclaim heaped upon the movie, we know some people find it a little… well, arty.

Fortunately for them – and those of use who like a giggle – the cannot be said about a trailer cut for the movie featuring footage from Disney’s Monsters University – sequel to Monsters Inc.

The trailer was created by comedian and illustrator Mikey Heller – head writer for Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears. In his hands, director Luca Guadagnino’s masterpiece becomes a tender love story between Monsters Inc. characters Mike and Sully.

‘Those two movies weirdly have a lot in common’

Asked how he’d come up with the idea, Heller told GSN: ‘The idea pretty much came out of nowhere. I knew it would be fun to recut the trailer using a cartoon and just had a feeling Monsters University would give me everything I needed. Those two movies weirdly have a lot in common.

‘I’m a big fan of Call Me By Your Name. It’s definitely one of my favorite movies from this year.

Asked how he felt about the response his trailer is receiving, he said, ‘I love the response the video has been getting. People love it but also hate that it exists. I’m surprised so many people are into it!

‘It’s such a niche thing, I figured only a handful of people would find it funny. Some people commented that it made them emotional!’

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