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Here are 37 Glee covers to remind you of why you loved the show

Here are 37 Glee covers to remind you of why you loved the show

Glee is ending. Did you stick by it or do you feel like that sentence should have been written years ago?

Love it or loathe it, the show choir musical dramady was a phenomenon. A show that put LGBTI characters in the spotlight and allowed them to shine.

Even in its most uneven moments, there were still covers of songs that sounded almost better than the originals and were a big part of why people loved the show.

It was a show where someone like Chris Colfer, who was like no one else on TV, could become a star. It was a show where they cast an actress with Down’s syndrome in a sympathetic, funny role. It was a show where, no matter its inconsistencies, always knew how to tell stories of teen gender and sexual identity in an honest way.

So with the cast ready to take their final bow, we’ve asked you on Twitter and Facebook to come up with your favorite songs from the last six seasons. Did we leave one out? Make sure to let others know in the comments.

Season 1

Don’t Stop Believin’ – New Directions (Journey)

The show’s anthem, and for good reason. It was the first time it showed the outcasts working together, having found their crowd, and not feeling so alone anymore.

Halo/Walking on Sunshine – New Direction Girls (Beyoncé/Katrina and the Waves)

One of the first mash-ups, and one of the best.

Maybe This Time – Rachel and April (Cabaret)

When you’re paying Kristin Chenoweth, you have to hear her sing a musical classic. With Lea Michele, you have the veteran and the ingénue together for a killer duet.

The Lady Is A Tramp – Noah and Mercedes (Babes In Arms)

Glee tried its hand at virtually every musical style there is, and it was clear it was confident at reimagining classics. This time they kept it simple and let Amber Riley and Mark Salling sing.

I Dreamed A Dream – Rachel and Shelby (Les Miserables)

When Glee was becoming huge, everyone was begging for Rachel’s mother to be played by Idina Menzel. This was the duet everyone was waiting for.

Somebody To Love – New Directions (Queen)

With the popularity of Don’t Stop Believin’, it was hard to believe show choirs singing classic rock would allow lightning to strike twice. It did.

Dream On – Will and Bryan (Aerosmith)

Glee began with a bunch of small town hopefuls dreaming of making it big and often showed how often those dreams would be dashed. When Bryan (played by Neil Patrick Harris) came back home to Lima it resulted in one of the first season’s best episodes.

Bad Romance – Kurt and New Direction Girls (Lady Gaga)

While a lot of the time Glee was all about teen angst, it was also about having fun. This is the show at its most fabulous.

Don’t Rain On My Parade – Rachel – Funny Girl

What other show would have its climactic mid-season finale moment, the song that wins it for the characters in the end, as Barbra Streisand?

Season 2

Teenage Dream – Blaine and The Warblers (Katy Perry)

Kurt was one of the stand out stars of season 1, and when we got introduced to his love interest Blaine in season 2, how could you not fall in love with him?

Songbird – Santana (Eva Cassidy)

And the other gay couple of the series, Santana and Brittany. This was sung by Santana, afraid of her own feelings, and afraid to say it to anyone else other than the one she cares for most.

Turning Tables – Holly (Adele)

Forget ‘Forget You’, this is Gwyneth Paltrow’s best song. It was a goodbye to Will.

Get Happy/Happy Days Are Here Again – Rachel and Kurt (Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand)

A Jewish girl and a gay guy paying tribute to their icons. This brought an iconic mash-up from The Judy Garland show and made it feel like it could have been arranged yesterday.

I Feel Pretty/Unpretty – Rachel and Quinn (West Side Story/TLC)

One of the most subtle performances in the show. Rachel is jealous of Quinn’s beauty, and Quinn is jealous of Finn’s feelings for Rachel.

Blackbird – Kurt (The Beatles)

It’s during this song Blaine realises he has strong feelings for Kurt. Chris Colfer’s soaring vocals really shine here.

For Good – Kurt and Rachel (Wicked)

Defying Gravity was great, but it’s For Good that gets you. As Rachel was having to choose between love and Broadway, she realises that it will always be her love for musicals that will keep her going.

Season 3

Girls Just Want To Have Fun – Finn (Cyndi Lauper)

One of Finn’s best moments, he sings this to show Santana that he supports her in coming out.

I Will Always Love You – Mercedes (Dolly Parton)

Coincidentally, this episode aired just three days after the death of Whitney Houston. Amber Riley was competing with dozens of versions of this, and her telling of teen heartbreak rose her version of it above the rest.

Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do – NYADA Hopefuls (Anything Goes/Annie Get Your Gun)

The Glee Project was intended to find one young hopeful for a guest spot on the show. In its short run of two seasons, they ended up finding six. Lindsay Pearce was a runner-up, and she pulls off this energy-filled musical extravaganza.

Rumor Has It/Someone Like You – Santana and The Troubletones (Adele)

Finn accidentally outed Santana early in season 3, and this was her response. Reinventing two of Adele’s songs, this is one of Glee’s most successful mash-ups ever.

What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger) – The Troubletones (Kelly Clarkson)

The Troubletones were the girls of New Direction sick of not being given solos. Female empowerment has never sounded so catchy.

Smooth Criminal – Santana and Sebastian (Michael Jackson)

Glee was famous for taking on viral YouTube videos and incorporating them into episodes. They took on the 2CELLOS version of this Michael Jackson and added Naya Rivera’s sass to it.

Shake It Out – Santana, Tina and Mercedes (Florence + The Machine)

This is female empowerment in a different way. Coach Beiste was in an abusive relationship, and the girls sang this as an act of support.

We Are Young – New Directions (fun. feat Janelle Monae)

Sang after New Directions  is brought back together, this was done before We Are Young became a monster hit.

Season 4

Cold Hearted – Santana (Paula Abdul)

Season 4 brought a split between the old cast in New York and new cast back in the choir room. Santana was furious that Rachel’s new boyfriend was lying to her about being a gigolo. Naya Rivera brings her sexiness, sass, and full on Santana-ness for this Paula Abdul tribute.

I Still Believe/Superbass – Blaine and Sue (Mariah Carey/Nicki Minaj)

Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester was a full on motor mouth of hilarious insults. She used that wicked tongue of hers to lash out a Nicki Minaj rap. Mind boggling but brilliant.

Next To Me – Rachel and Shelby (Emeli Sandé)

Idina Menzel returned as Rachel’s mother to give advice to her in New York. Their duet was flawless.

Teenage Dream – Blaine (Katy Perry)

In one of the best episodes of the whole series, The Breakup, the three big couples Finn and Rachel, Blaine and Kurt, Santana and Brittany break up. This call back to Blaine and Kurt’s first meeting will break your heart.

Mine – Santana (Taylor Swift)

And if it’s not broken now, it will be here. Santana singing this Taylor Swift song to Brittany as they realise it’s not working out is tear-jerking.

The Scientist – Finn, Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Santana, Brittany, Will and Emma (Coldplay)

And the episode ends with this perfect performance.

Season 5

Seasons Of Love – New Directions (Rent)

In many ways, Cory Monteith played the lead character of Glee – the first episode revolves around him. And so when he tragically died, the show felt lost. Somehow, cast and crew pulled it together for this tribute.

If I Die Young – Santana (The Band Perry)

A lot of people don’t know how to react when they lose someone. This confusion, the denial, the breakdown, it’s all there in this song.

Make You Feel My Love – Rachel (Bob Dylan)

What’s acting and what’s real emotion? The line has never been more blurry than in this moment. You can feel the heartbreak from every single person in this scene.

Season 6

Let It Go – Rachel (Frozen)

Glee needed to recover and try and set its course straight. Let It Go was not only triumphant for Lea Michele’s performance, but for the show standing back up.

Tightrope – Jane and the Warblers (Janelle Monae)

A lot of the criticisms Glee faced was that no one was interested in new cast members. They changed their minds when they saw Jane, a girl who wants to join the all-male group The Warblers.

Hand In My Pocket/I Feel The Earth Move – Santana and Brittany (Alanis Morrisette/Carole King)

This is the song prior to Santana proposing to to Brittany. Wouldn’t you say yes?

I Know Where I’ve Been – Unique and the Trans Persons Choir (Hairspray)

When Coach Beiste came out as a trans man, some were sceptical. But this is what it was leading to, an incredible performance by Alex Newell backed by 200 real life trans people. This is what Glee’s all about: If you give outcasts a voice, they’ll sing a song of pride.