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Here are the 7 Eurovision songs to watch out for on the final

Here are the 7 Eurovision songs to watch out for on the final

Tonight in Vienna, Austria, the 60th Eurovision Song Contest takes place and will be watched by a global audience in excess of 150 million people.

It’s the biggest Eurovision to date with 27 countries taking part, the 10 qualifiers from the two semi-finals, the host country Austria, the ‘big 5’, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK and finally special invitee Australia.

The Austrians have spared no expense in putting on an amazing spectacle and, not to be outdone by the last two host countries, Sweden and Denmark, have made the event super gay-friendly.

The show is co-hosted by last year’s winner and drag superstar Conchita Wurst who flies through the air to make her entrance!

In addition to Lithuania who have the double gay kiss during their performance, the show tonight will feature multiple gay references from the opening video sequence to the three female hosts who wonder why no men in the audience has asked for their phone number!

Here’s our guide of the ones to watch tonight that might take the crown.

1. Australia

It’s not a mistake, Australia are in the Eurovision Song Contest!

As part of the 60th anniversary celebrations, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) offered a place in the Eurovision final to Australia to join the party in Vienna.

Eurovision-mad Australia will be represented by former Pop Idol winner Guy Sebastian who, with his modern upbeat number, is expected to finish in the top 5.

The EBU have stated this is a one-off for the Aussies unless they win when they will be able to defend their title…just not in Australia!

2. United Kingdom

The BBC once again decided on an internal selection and chose Electro Velvet with ‘Still in love with you’ as the UK’s representative which certainly has polarized opinion!

It’s electro-swing style is either loved or hated with fans either predicting a top 10 finish or another Jemini ‘nil points’ moment.

Electro Velvet are a duet of Alex Larke and Bianca Nicholas who was a contestant the UK version of The Voice in 2014.

They certainly illuminate the arena in more ways than one as their flashing costumes light up the stage.

3. Italy

Il Volo won the Italian San Remo music contest in 2015 winning the right to represent their country at Eurovision.

The pop-opera trio are one of the hot favorites of the year and fans of Il Divo will be sure to love Grande Amore.

The song is the 27th and final one singing in last place may not help their chances at the end of a long night.

4. Sweden

You got to have a gimmick at Eurovision and Mans from Sweden is going to be accompanied on stage by an animated figure to help him perform Heroes. His leather pants might also earn him some douze points!

Sweden have a tremendously successful past of Eurovision glory and are widely tipped to be adding to their five victories including gay favorites ABBA and Loreen.

5. Norway

The Norwegians have come up with a chillingly haunting ballad called Monster like Me which has a beautifully shot video to accompany it.

If the duo of Mørland and Debrah Scarlett can reproduce the same chemistry on stage the should find themselves in the top 5.

6. Estonia

There are several male/female duets at Eurovision this year and Elina and Stig are singing their break-up song for Estonia.

Stig is a well-known songwriter in Estonia and he met Elina via Facebook when he was enchanted by her singing on YouTube and decided to message her.

It’s a song of inadequacy with an outpouring of emotion as he feels that he just isn’t good enough for Elina.

7. Spain

If audience reaction is anything to go by then Spain will be making a challenge as singer Edurne has a big, big voice.

She features a traditional Eurovision costume change and a super hot semi-naked dancer cavorting on stage to help!

Other countries expected to do well are Russia, Serbia, Belgium Israel that were featured in our semi-final one and semi-final two guides.

The final starts at 2100 (CET).