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Here are the 10 best photos from Australia’s first vogue ball

Here are the 10 best photos from Australia’s first vogue ball

Female presenting performer in the middle of a death drop

In what was hailed as one of the best Mardi Gras events in years, Australia’s first vogue ball was a sickening display of talent.

Those at the sold out event were transported to a living history of New York’s underground Ballroom scene. It was one of many events in the month-long Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Sissy Ball was dominated by queer people of color from the South Pacific Islands, New Zealand and Indigenous Australians who battled it out in multiple categories.

Local club icon Bhenji Ra curated the event and explained why she chose the name Sissy Ball.

‘The term ‘sissy’ is used amongst Asian and Pacific queer communities as a term of endearment and sisterhood,’ Ra said.

‘The reason why I chose this is because it’s definitely a term widely used amongst the younger generation of a queer people of color and there’s a global understanding of reclaiming it as a positive affirmation opposed to its slur history.’

Competing houses were Slé from Australia, FafSwag and House of Envy – both from New Zealand.

Voguers competed in categories such as; Face, Hand Performance, Sex Siren – Body on Show, National Costume on the runway, and Vogue Fem – Shine Supreme.





Woman posing in blue dress standing against a grey wall
Sissy Ball. | Photo: Instagram/@kenleanfore


Man leaning over with white fur coat and holding big black fan
Photo: Instagram/byaaronharvey




Group of performers backstage getting ready and laughing
Photo: Instagram/@kailkail_


Five people from the FAFSWAG crew posing in front of brick wall
Photo: Instagram/@patistyrrell


Three south pacific island in traditional costume
Photo: Instagram/@pacificclimatewarrior


man posing outside, topless and in a long back skirt
Photo: Instagram/Stylebydeni