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Here are the best photos from Vietnam’s Pride which looked like so much fun

Here are the best photos from Vietnam’s Pride which looked like so much fun

a man lies back on a giant rainbow flag

Thousands of people hit the streets of Saigon to celebrate the beginning of Pride season in Vietnam.

The VietPride Parade was the first of many LGBTI events happening around the south-east Asian country.

National celebrities and delegates from other Asian Pride festivals attended the Parade and other festivities.

Vietnam celebrated its first Pride parade in 2012 and since then the celebrations have become bigger and bigger.

The country is one of the most open to the LGBTI community and is believed to be one of the few in the world that never criminalized homosexuality.

But Vietnam still does not recognize same-sex relationships and LGBTI couples donot have the same rights as heterosexual couples.

The Vietnamese government is working on a new law which would give official recognition to trans people, but that is unlikely to come before the National Assembly for consideration before 2019.

Events like VietPride are helping raise awareness of LGBTI issues and the community is slowly gaining more acceptance in Vietnam.

Here are the 10 best photos from VietPride*:


close up of a smiling woman with dark hair, she has different coloured horizontal stripes across her cheeks
VietPride in Saigon was a hit. | Photo: VietPride/Facebook


a couple taking a selfie with a selfie stick on the red carpet one is holding open a rainbow flag
Love is in the air at VietPride. | Photo: VietPride/Facebook


people standing under a horizontal rainbow flag they are smiling as they hold up the flag
Happy VietPride!| Photo: VietPride/Facebook


a drag queen in an elaborate carnival costume with a big headpiece and feathers
Slay queen. | Photo: VietPride/Facebook


a giant rainbow flag is dragged along the street
Rainbow Pride. | Photo: VietPride/Facebook


a drag queen in a red swimsuit that reads 'bae watch' she is waving a small rainbow flag behind her head
Bae | Photo: VietPride/Facebook


two women (possibly drag queens) in pink outfits on the red carpet with a man in a pink v-knit jumper
The stars hit the red carpet. | Photo: VietPride/Facebook



close up of a young person's face (their profile), they have a rainbow sticker on their face and a rainbow headband on their head.
Saigon kicked off Vietnam’s pride season. | Photo: Facebook/VietPride


a group of people holding rainbow flags and fans stand on the side of the street watching the pride parade go past
Thousands turned up to celebrate VietPride. | Photo: Facebook/VietPride

*Photos have been republished with the permission of VietPride