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Here's what your heart rate looks like when you come out to your parents

Turns out feeling like your heart is thumping in your throat might not be too far off

Here's what your heart rate looks like when you come out to your parents
A Reddit user's fitness tracker recorded the exact moment they came out to their dad

Coming out can be scary, and a fair few people probably feel like their heart is beating in their throat.

Now a Reddit user going by the name of Playplace_Pooper is showing the internet what exactly happens to your heart rate when you’re coming out to your parents.

The data was captured by their fitness tracker and shows the exact moment they opened up to their dad.

In fact, their heart rate rose so much from their average resting rate, the tracker thought they were exercising.

My heart rate while coming out to my dad. The conversation went okay, but I'm sure it will take some getting used to.

At the highest peak, they clarified, their heart rate was at 121 beats per minute.

Other users were quick to congratulate them on mustering up the courage to come out, with someone (not quite seriously) suggesting coming out to more people could be ‘a way to burn fat and lose weight’.

And in terms of whether their spiking heart rate was a ghost of things to come, the user said their father took it okay and had his own suspicions.

‘He actually told me he already knew, but made sure I understood the “spiritual implications”,’ they said.

‘It’s alright though, I saw that coming and I’m expecting it will take a while for him to officially get used to.’

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