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Here’s the first look of Ruby Rose as lesbian Batwoman in action

Here’s the first look of Ruby Rose as lesbian Batwoman in action

ruby rose as batwoman with red hair and a black mask she is crouching, pointing a gun

Fans have celebrated the long-awaited debut of Ruby Rose’s Batwoman.

The Australian actor cast in the role of Kate Kane/Batwoman said the role was a win for the LGBTI community.

‘I can’t speak on behalf of everyone in the LGBTIQ community, but I know any win for anyone in our community is a win for all,’ she said earlier this month.

Viewers got a glimpse of Batwoman during The CW’s three-part superhero crossover ‘Elseworlds’. The crossover features superheroes, The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl.

The three superheroes are in the fictional Gotham to investigate a magical book that changed reality. Due to inevitable complications the trio end up in jail.

That’s where Rose as Kanes saves the day and bails them out.

Caroline Dries is developing The CW’s Batwoman series said Rose has a striking on screen presence. Once that show goes to air, it will mark the first time an LGBTI character has lead a superhero TV show.

‘Ruby has a really strong, silent presence,’ Dries said.

‘Her look is so powerful that you don’t want to take her eyes off of her. She brings so much to the plate, we realized, with just standing there and absorbing what the other guys are talking about.’

It’s clear from the short time we spend with Batwoman in the Elseworlds that she is a mysterious character. Which, is exactly what Dries wanted.

‘Our goal was trying to create a set-up, story-wise, where we could meet her, be intrigued by her, introduce Gotham a little bit … and then have people wondering, “What is this world she’s part of?”,’ Dries said.

‘We just realized the best story for that would be if our guys went to Gotham and she helped out with their story and then shooed them away. So we knew who the character was going into it … the question for us was how to make her sort of mysterious.

‘One of my favorite moments was when they show up at Wayne Enterprises and they’re all kind of bickering about Batman and she’s just standing there waiting for them to figure out this stuff.’

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