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Radio host makes anti-trans joke to attack Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Radio host makes anti-trans joke to attack Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Hugh Hewitt and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

A Conservative talk show host has come under fire for using anti-trans language to refer to Democratic representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

MSNBC contributor Hugh Hewitt, known for his conservative views, has then apologized for the comments made during his radio show on 22 January.

Attacking Ocasio-Cortez and Joe Biden

The host of Salem Radio Network’s The Hugh Hewitt Show was making backhanded compliments to freshman congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez when he made a transphobic joke.

Referring to Ocasio-Cortez, he said she is ‘sparkling with youthful energy, unmoved by her inexperience, confident in her lack of knowledge, and completely charismatic’.

Then, he compared Ocasio-Cortez to former US Vice President Joe Biden using anti-trans language, media watchdog reports.

‘Joe Biden has actually gone through the time machine and transgendered into Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,’ he said on air.

Furthermore, he added: ‘This was Joe Biden… she’s going to fill the Biden gap. The Biden gap concerned me. Some day, Joe will leave the public stage and we will not have people who will say outlandish things. But now the Biden gap is filled.’

After facing criticism, Hewitt took to Twitter to apologize

‘Apologies. Bad word choice on a sensitive subject,’ the Conservative and Catholic host tweeted.

AOC supports trans rights

Recently, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez showed her support to the trans community.

She called into hbomberguy’s Twitch live stream while the British gamer was playing Donkey Kong in order to rais funds for UK trans charity Mermaids.

‘If you’d like to use this as a good moment to support the queer community, there’s a charity twitch stream going on for @Mermaids_Gender,’ she also tweeted.

‘dude, @AOC called into a Twitch stream tonight,’ Playboy DC Correspondent Alex Thomas tweeted.

‘Here’s @aoc talking about how Nintendo 64 was the best system. She’s on @twitch helping to raise money for trans kids,’ Audience Editor at The Washington Post Gene Park also said.

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