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High-ranking Punjab police officer marries girlfriend

High-ranking Punjab police officer marries girlfriend

Police Sub Inspector Manjit Kaur (L) marries Pucca Baugh in Punjab. Photo: YouTube

A highly ranked Punjab Police Sub Inspector married her girlfriend in a lavish ceremony.

Manjit Kaur, 30, married Pucca Baugh in a traditional Hindu ceremony on Saturday. The married in Punjab, a state in India’s north which borders Pakistan.

It was a bold move for the police officer to marry her partner. It is illegal in India for people of the same gender to have sexual relations. India also does not recognise same-sex marriage.

The wedding was attend by their friends, family and fellow police officers with photos posted on social media soon going viral.

According to online reports Kaur wore a red turban and Baugh wore a traditional red wedding sari.

It is believed that as soon as Kaur graduated high school she joined the police force and quickly rose through the ranks.

The first wedding

Many of Kaur and Baugh’s guests believed their was the first same-sex marriage in Punjab, where the couple also had the consent of their families.

Trans marriages are becoming more common in India after the first trans person happened in West Bengal several years ago.

In February trans activist Akkai Padmashali married her long-time boyfriend. Later that month Shree Ghatak Muhuri became the first trans woman to legally marry in Kolkata.